White Stone

It’s a matter of record that an old store in Wicomico Church was manually moved from one location to another. What’s surprising is that someone took the time to document on black and white 16 mm film the men and toolboxes involved in doing it. more

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The Box Boutique is full of fun, fabulous finds for you and your home. more

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Sewlovelee features premium quality, cotton fabrics for your next quilting, crafting or garment project. more

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FARM offers the latest in women’s apparel and accessories along with unique vintage finds for the home. Cultivate great style with casual brands like Velvet, Baggu and Gorjana. more

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It was the summer of 2008 and Jean Price was chatting with a neighbor. They got to talking about all the amazing gardens in the county, all with surplus produce.She and her husband, Paul, had a huge garden at Wood’s Edge, their farm in Ottoman. more

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“Sometimes visitors will find a special item, like an oil painting, to remember their time in the Northern Neck.” more

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Some people sure know how to throw a good time. A quarter of a century ago, members of the Kilmarnock-Irvington-White Stone Rotary Club wanted to do a fundraiser to get their name out in the community and raise money for local charities. more

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