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There’s a certain sense of pride in making a living in the small town where you grew up. Carol Mead Smith and her brother KG both left Warsaw for Richmond’s Virginia Commonwealth University and both found their way back to Warsaw to open restaurants. more

Oct 12, 2017 3:51 PM Food

The Urbanna Oyster Festival has come a long way from hula hoop contests and beauty pageants. Begun in 1958, the festival attracted 2,000 people the first year and doubled that to 4,000 the next. more

Oct 12, 2017 3:51 PM Food

Technology marches ahead, but the essence of radio remains communication. A man or a woman with a microphone plays music, shares news and weather and provides company for an audience that can’t be seen. more

Oct 12, 2017 3:50 PM Life

Lancaster Middle School Students Create Bay’s Bounty Boots for Watermen’s Way Public Art Project more

Oct 12, 2017 3:50 PM , Life

Bob Harris, senior vice president of tourism for the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce pointed out that there aren’t nearly as many as there used to be. more

May 26, 2017 5:29 PM Food

Variety is the spice of life—and eating out! If your party is divided about what to choose for a relaxing meal on the weekend—you’re in luck. Williamsburg has plenty of options! more

May 26, 2017 5:28 PM Food

When the Town of Kilmarnock polled the community asking what they’d like to see in a planned town park, their responses determined the shape and scope of Town Centre Park, just off Main Street and set to open July 8. more

May 4, 2017 9:20 AM Outdoors

Enjoy a pint or two at new breweries in Montross and Gloucester this summer. more

May 4, 2017 9:20 AM Food 1 Comments

It’s a matter of record that an old store in Wicomico Church was manually moved from one location to another. What’s surprising is that someone took the time to document on black and white 16 mm film the men and toolboxes involved in doing it. more

May 4, 2017 9:19 AM Discover

with El Salvadorian Flavor more

Mar 7, 2017 3:39 PM Food 1 Comments

Ask Chef Neil Griggs where he grew up and he’ll gesture through the window of his restaurant, Cochon on 2nd, toward a housing enclave beyond a grove of trees. more

Nov 18, 2016 5:00 PM Food

Of all the places to get a jump on holiday shopping, few would be as memorable as the Tides Inn. more

Oct 5, 2016 3:10 PM Food

The sign in the front yard of his house says it all: An old fisherman lives here. Captain Robert Hudgins will tell you he began fishing somewhere around 10 or 11 years old and, unlike his brothers, he liked it from the beginning. more

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Photography by Sarah Harris Photography

Fate doesn’t always care about the best-laid plans. Brandan Minor was a junior in high school and, with an eye to the future, had already signed up for classes in marine mechanics... more

Sep 22, 2016 4:07 PM Life

Linda Ludeke had a passion for federal-style houses, but she wasn’t necessarily looking to get into the events business. more

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Photo used courtesy of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The Virginia Chefs Association and Colonial Williamsburg Apprenticeship Program introduce young cooks to the fast-paced, hot and strenuous adrenaline rush of the kitchen. more

Aug 25, 2016 11:10 AM Food

Where to Find the Best, Most Original Ice Cream Flavors Across Williamsburg more

May 27, 2016 4:18 PM Food

Will Smiley, a science teacher at Christchurch School, had a vision. He saw Urbanna Creek, which is currently condemned, as a little version of Chesapeake Bay, albeit one not in the best health. Water clarity was down due to algae and sediment. more

Apr 28, 2016 2:17 PM Outdoors 2 Comments

As views from the dining room table go, this one is sublime. more

Apr 28, 2016 2:06 PM Food

For parents who think going to camp still means making lanyards and pot holders, it’s time for a reality check. S’mores and campfires may still be on the agenda, but so are windsurfing, gaga ball, and karaoke. more

Apr 28, 2016 1:44 PM Outdoors